Billionaire’s Baby Part 2


What if your best chance for blistering passion is also a one-in-a-billion, unrealistic one?

Julie Corbin is a stunning, successful nurse, but she’s all alone in the sexy city of Washington, DC. She was sure the last guy who hit on her couldn’t have possibly taken her seriously, but he certainly captured her deepest desires. In fact, he made her want more than any man ever had.

The very delicious, very single billionaire Brodie Rogan is also a new father who just so happens to be Julie’s former boss. After a tumultuous parting of ways, one thing after another leads them back to each other. Two lonely people with so much going for them, they learn they share more than just a love for dance. Their chemistry is so powerful and erotic that they can’t keep their hands off each other. In their secret moments, they’re driven to new heights to which neither has dared travel before.

While Julie can’t stop fantasizing about a future with the wealthy, powerful Brodie, it is Mr. Rogan’s shady past that she’s caught up in, and that comes at a high price. Just as she reaches the crescendo, when she is at her all-time happiest, she has devastating run-ins with the mother of Brodie’s child and his last lady love. Overcome with jealousy and insecurity, Julie begins to doubt Brodie, and he suddenly loses his Prince Charming appeal.

Will Brodie’s pesky past be enough to put an end to their fiery affair? Can Julie really bear to walk away from that romantic, magical world the dashing billionaire has to offer, or will she be seduced by those enchanting lips that beg her for one more chance?

Billionaire’s Baby is a three-part series.


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