Billionaire Ransom

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Katie was hoping for a happily-ever-after with her bad-boy biker, Morgan, but nothing is ever that simple. 

The war between the Orphans, Morgan’s club, and the Outkasts, has been averted by the exile of Craig – Morgan’s former second-in-command and best friend since his foster system days. 

However, Craig is not the only man angry with the lovers. Katie’s rich and powerful father, Blake Wilkes, will stop at nothing, even putting a hit out on his own daughter, to make sure that it’s the Orphans who take the fall for the brutal slayings Wilkes ordered. 

This sets into motion a daring plan that will put the proof of Wilkes’ deadly intentions into the light. 

Caught in the crosshairs of power, money, and revenge, Katie and Morgan will have to risk everything in order to find their happily-ever-after.

1 review for Billionaire Ransom

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    Last episode saw Katie walk out on her father, for Morgan.

    The screws are now being tightened on Morgan and his fellow “Orphans”.
    They had stumbled on another club, where it’s members had been slaughtered. Now, the law is after the “Orphans” for that crime. Katie feels her father is at the root cause.

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