Billionaire in Control


The boss is back! From best-selling author Lexy Timms comes a billionaire romance that’ll make you swoon and fall in love all over again. 

Jamie Reid leads a life most would consider charmed. She has a husband most women would kill for, three wonderful children, and a family that’s starting to feel like it might last. Even her mother, once believed irredeemable, seems to be making a sincere attempt at changing her ways and reuniting with her daughters. Everything would be perfect, if only her ideal life weren’t suddenly falling to pieces around her.

When her brother-in-law Mark’s relationship with his pregnant wife hits the rocks, the fallout sends ripples through the entire family. Mark’s decisions threaten Alex once more. Christine, dealing every day with the tension at the country club, seems to be sliding back into old habits. Her change in attitude has started affecting her husband’s performance at work, pushing an already-stressed Alex to the edge. Jamie, left to shore up the crumbling remains, isn’t sure she can handle the strain.

Can she patch the growing cracks, or will her family fall apart just as they’re finally coming together?

Managing the Bosses series: 


  • The Boss 
  • The Boss Too 
  • Who’s the Boss Now 
  • Gift for the Boss (Christmas Novella) 
  • Love the Boss 
  • I Do the Boss 
  • Wife to the Boss 
  • Employed by the Boss 
  • Brother to the Boss 
  • Senior Advisor to the Boss 
  • Forever the Boss
  • Christmas with the Boss
  • Billionaire in Control
  • Billionaire Makes Millions
  • Billionaire at Work

This is steamy romance, not erotica.


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