Beyond the Palms


This hotel has secrets and the best thing about secrets is that they don’t stay hidden.

Beyond the Palms takes you behind closed doors of a serial killer group made up of what should be everyday heroes and individuals with upstanding lives such as doctors, lawyers, police officers, businessmen, and likewise. 

Meeting over the dark web, they became close friends over a shared interest of bloodshed. They built the Arbor Hotel and Resort from the ground up to hide their deepest desires and since have held The Black Arbor Convention annually. One week a year, the distant friends meet and purge their instincts to kill before returning to their loved ones and careers. Without a trace to incriminate them, all is well in their world and they plan on keeping it that way. 

The Dawson’s are going on a family vacation and find themselves checking in to a room that they will soon regret. John Dawson, a U.S. Navy Veteran, is determined to fix his marriage with his wife Eleanor, an Elementary teacher, and mend his relationship with his children, Jackson and Thea. With Jackson about to graduate High School, and Thea about to graduate college, who knows when they will be able to take another trip like this. However, the family of four start to notice that there may be more to this hotel than meets the eye. 

Will they see the signs before it’s too late or will they become the Black Arbor Convention’s next victims?

©2020 Amanda Aggie (P)2020 Amanda Aggie


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