Beyond Broken Pencils

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He has a goal and a plan.

If he carries through with the plan, his sister will die first. His ex will die next, and he will die last. In between, he’ll take out as many people as he can.

Students. Security guards. Teachers. First responders. They are all fair game.

Who will live, and who will die? How will those who live go on when their world is shattered by unthinkable tragedy?


Obviously, not my cheeriest tale. Probably considered the most “intense” of my titles as well. If you’re looking for lighthearted mystery, try Shadow Council. That said, it’s a topic near and dear to my heart. If you’re looking for an emotional challenge about a relevant topic, step right up and claim your code.

2 reviews for Beyond Broken Pencils

  1. David S

    The author seemed to blame violent video games as one of the motivations for his school shooting. This perpetuates a lie that politicians and the uninformed believe, when no causative relationship exists between violent video games and acts of violence.

    Other than that minor detail, the book was otherwise quite good.

  2. Amanda Urbinato

    I picked this book because I thought would be interesting. and different. And I wasn’t wrong. This book was crazy! I grew up in NJ around the time of Columbine. I think I was in like 7th grade when that happened. It was the school shooting that started all school shootings. I remember how much fear happened because of it. This book brought back a lot of memories from that time. But I did really enjoy reading/listening to this. It was very well written and it did what a good book is supposed to do. It brought a bunch of memories and feeling to the surface. The narrator was awesome also. I definitely recommend it

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