Bewere of Faeries

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Still suffering from the loss of her boyfriend a year ago, Alex has kept her distance from men. College was supposed to be full of parties and new experiences, but it’s all she can do just to paste a smile onto her face and fake a bit of happiness.

She never counted on meeting someone new, but what happens when he breaks her heart?

Heartache after heartache leaves Alex wondering if she’s destined to be alone, and perhaps, she’s trying to find love in the wrong way. Giving herself body and soul to each man who promises her the world doesn’t seem to be getting her anywhere, but she still believes that love exists, and she wants her happily ever after, no matter the cost.

But having stumbled into a fantasy world where shifters and fae exist, Alex has to wonder if her soulmate has fur or wings!

Note: This is a new adult romance with multiple partners, told in third person point of view. If bed-hopping and melt-your-earphones sex bothers you, this probably isn’t the book for you. Guaranteed HEA!

1 review for Bewere of Faeries

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Every character in this unlikely mash-up of Were and Fae worlds goes from one extreme to another in personality and actions, often within the same chapter. The lead female protagonist is a victim of her desires, and stupidity. There are plenty of hot sex scenes but otherwise this is really tough to get through.

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