Better, Smarter Sleep with Hypnosis & Guided Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation: Everyday Meditation Scripts to Music for Anxiety, Stress Relief, and a Quiet Deep Sleep

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Do you feel like you’re always a little tired, in a fog, unable to concentrate or think clearly, or lacking the energy to get through the day?

If you have ever had trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep, then keep reading.

What’s worse than having a long, hard day that takes a lot out of you physically, mentally, and emotionally?  Not being able to go to sleep at night after a long, hard day that takes a lot out of you physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Few things are more frustrating than going to bed completely exhausted, yet unable to fall asleep to get the physical and mental replenishment that you so desperately need in order to be fully effective the next day.

If you have ever had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, you are definitely not alone. We’ve all been there—nodding off in a meeting at work while counting down the minutes until we can leave, falling asleep at a friend’s dinner or while driving to said dinner, a little short and irritable with someone for no good reason…Did that Starbucks barista deserve to be eye rolled, yelled at, and criticized about their life choices because they forgot to put almond milk instead of skim milk in your latte? No. But you were tired. It’s not them, it’s you. And it’s not even you, it’s you without enough sleep.

More than a third of Americans are sleep deprived, and it affects us in ways we sometimes don’t even realize or wouldn’t normally attribute to lack of sleep. Inflammation, poor skin complexion, high blood pressure, lack of mental clarity, and the aforementioned mood swings are just a few of the consequences of lack of sleep.  And a number of functions such as muscle growth, protein synthesis, tissue repair, and growth hormone release occur in the body primarily or, at times, only during sleep.

Technology certainly doesn’t help.  The mechanics of technology itself with its bright screens and radiation emission make it harder for us to sleep, but further, technology giving us 24/7 access to the outside world and giving the outside world 24/7 access to us makes it hard for us to “wind down” or “turn off” each night.  

That’s where this audiobook can help.

It consists of two parts—an introductory section, and 5 guided meditations you can use to clear your head and fall asleep faster.

In the introductory section, you will find:

  • 4 key health benefits to sleep, backed by scientific research
  • The key mental function of sleep that’s necessary for learning
  • What you can start doing tonight to get better sleep
  • Five things that undermine our ability to fall asleep and remain asleep
  • Practical steps you can implement right now to master your environment and set the scene for optimal rest

In the meditations section, you will find:

  • 5 different hour-long, guided sleep meditations set to music
  • Multiple different types of sleep meditations, backed with multiple different music and sound tracks so you have enough variety to find what works best for you
  • Your new bedtime companion to help you achieve a level of serenity and calmness to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night
  • An easy and effortless way to release stress and anxiety to achieve the level of relaxation needed to open the door to a peaceful sleep

Even if you already think you’re getting good sleep, chances are, there are ways you can improve and enhance your sleep quality

This audiobook is the ultimate all-encompassing sleep improvement package—succinct information that’s not overly detailed, concrete, immediately applicable tips on how to improve your sleep using free things that you already have or low cost tools that are easy to obtain, plus various meditations you can implement into your nightly sleep routine to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

It is designed to help you eliminate anxiety before going into sleep, and eliminate anxiety around trying to go to sleep.

Sleep is the ultimate mood booster, performance enhancer, and mental health tool, and the best part, is…it’s free.

People think they don’t have time to sleep, but really, they don’t have time not to sleep.

Sleep is not a luxury. It is a necessity. It is needed to feel better, perform better, and even look better.

So, get this audiobook today, and get a better night’s sleep tonight.


1 review for Better, Smarter Sleep with Hypnosis & Guided Mindfulness and Transcendental Meditation: Everyday Meditation Scripts to Music for Anxiety, Stress Relief, and a Quiet Deep Sleep

  1. Melanie Wright

    The first chapter was outstanding. It contains not only information about why sleep is important to your health and well being, but excellent tips on how to get to sleep and stay asleep longer. Some of these tips are well known, but others were new and made me rethink my own routine prior to trying to sleep.

    The rest of the chapters included are guided meditations designed to be listened to as you are going to sleep. They are very good in content, but I wish the narrator had altered his voice a little more while guiding them. I have used a couple of the guided meditations, and they are definitely helpful in relaxing the mind and allowing you to drift peacefully into sleep.

    Overall I thought this book was great. If you would like to know the benefits of longer sleep patterns, and need some ways to achieve your goal of longer sleep, this will be a great tool for you!

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