Bette Unscripted


A damaged former child star.

“Thank God, it hasn’t affected my looks,” she said as she lined her eyes. Bette Poole, once the biggest child star in the world, is struggling at 25. She’s got the talent for adult roles but none of the drive. She can’t function without cocaine, booze, and opiates, and it’s affecting her performance on set.

Layers of secrets and psychological damage.

Jerry, her agent, makes one last attempt to help her by getting her on a reality TV show. Bette’s studio-executive father doesn’t want to help but pulls the plug on the first day of shooting. Jerry inserts himself into her life, moving into her apartment to get her sober and working. It’s worse than Jerry thought. Bette has secrets upon secrets. Secrets that could bring down half of Hollywood and involve Jerry directly. He just needs her to trust him and talk, unscripted, so he can bring down everyone who has hurt her.

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