Bela Lugosi’s Dead

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Bela Lugosi’s Dead is one-third detective story, one-third Hollywood ghost story, and one-third pulp adventure tale….

It’s the late 1980s, and Michael Fenton, editor of Ramboona (a magazine dedicated to forgotten films), is attempting to track down the lost test footage from the 1931 Frankenstein produced by Universal Studios. It’s the holy grail of horror film aficionados: the 20-minute reel in which Bela Lugosi portrays Frankenstein’s monster instead of Boris Karloff, who would go on to make cinematic history with his portrayal of Mary Shelley’s creation. In his attempt to locate this 50-year-old film canister, Mike is led down a labyrinth of blind alleys amidst the topsy-turvy wonderland of Los Angeles and environs.

2 reviews for Bela Lugosi’s Dead

  1. Erica Freeman

    I really loved this book, the concept was so fun and the characters were so interesting.

    Admittedly it took me two listens to sort out the time line in my head, I think it would be less chaotic to follow in the book as the time hops would be easier to see, but this in no way detracted from my enjoyment in the way the story unfolded.

    I enjoyed the use of classic characters that we know so well, and how they were almost completely inverted so we saw totally new sides to them and how they wove through the story.

    I think Samuel E.Hoke was the perfect voice for this book, he gives it just the right tone and really draws the listener in.

  2. Erica Freeman


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