Beauty and the Bear Denali Den, Book 1

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A proposal worth considering…. 

For werebear Silas Vane, finding his True Mate has proven more difficult than he imagined and he’s getting grouchier by the minute waiting for her to come along. When a nosy, new hire starts asking questions about why he wants to marry so badly – he tells her – so he can have sex every day! 

Fresh out of graduate school, Lexi Durham takes her first counseling job at Denali Crossings, a wilderness therapy camp in rural Alaska. When she spies on the super fine camp cook looking at an Internet dating site, she offers to help. Silas gets the surprise of his life when she offers to be his sex once-a-day girl. It’s a deal he can’t refuse, only she’s a human, and things could get complicated.

1 review for Beauty and the Bear Denali Den, Book 1

  1. Rosemary HUGHES

    All she wanted was an early breakfast, what she ended with was something over the top, and breathe taking. Then there was more!

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