Bargain with the Demon Lord

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Publisher’s summary:

My heart hates him. My body needs him. My love could save him.

Pushing paper in some forgotten back office is the perfect way to go unnoticed here. This multibillion-dollar corporation tore my family apart, and once I get a job inside it, I have everything I need to burn it to the ground.

Until Caezar comes shattering into my world. He’s the wickedly sexy billionaire CEO of the evil empire I despise. Despite my unimportance, he definitely notices me.

Caezar wants me to be his personal assistant. Day and night, I’m at his beck and call. Before I can bring him down, I have to get close to him. And as it turns out, Caezar likes me close.

He’s the architect of all my pain and suffering. His charm only makes me despise him more. The only thing more powerful than my hatred for him is my desire. His lust for me is a wildfire that’s quickly losing all control.

Worse, he has enemies more powerful than I ever imagined and a secret that could destroy us both. Caezar is not just a CEO—he’s a demon lord, a mafia boss; and I’m his only chance at redemption.

And this is one demon my soul doesn’t have the strength to fight.”


written by Skye Wilson & Viola King, narrated by M.K. Blackwood

1 review for Bargain with the Demon Lord

  1. VoraciousBookDragoness S

    Amazing plot & great narration. It hooked me from the beginning, till the end. I can’t wait for the next book .

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