Bad Breed MC

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From USA Today Bestselling author, Amanda Heartley…

Bad Breed. There’s no other way to describe men like us.

Violence has dogged me all my life. 
An asshat father, a cruel foster home.
Seems I’m following the same path.
Only worse.

See, I lost someone once, and it hurt me badly.
Since then, drugs and street crime were all I knew.
But all that ended the day I got patched.

The Breed owned Hardale. It was our town.
Then we lost five brothers in a firefight with the Cobras.
Now, we’re laying low in LA… or supposed to be.
Until a feisty waitress turns out to be trouble… for me, at least.
She’s smart, beautiful, and not afraid to kick butt.

I’d never risk the lives of my brothers.
And anyway, our worlds are so different.
She serves up coffee and eggs. I kill people if I have to.
But that doesn’t stop me from wanting her in my bed, screaming my name.
And after we take back our town, I’m going to make her mine.
Or die trying

If you love dirty-talking, Harley-riding, gun-toting hotties, Bad Breed MC is a sizzling standalone bad boy, good girl biker romance that’ll melt your heart.

4 reviews for Bad Breed MC

  1. Jocelyne

    This was my first Amanda Heartley’s book. Bad Breed, a MC Romance. Flynn and Jo’s short novella is suspenseful, fast-paced, entertaining, and action packed, filled with twists and turns. Rachel Woods and Luke Parker did a good job with the narration.

  2. Jerry Harkey

    Not so Bad Breed but not so great either. This is much more a “romance” book that MC adventure. Yes, we have to kill a few guys, but think more two lost souls find each, again.

  3. Amy Corbell

    This story was action packed and had several steamy love scenes, a forgotten past brings our main characters together again.

    I wish the story was longer and would love more in this world! I do appreciate there is no cliffhanger and is a HEA.

    This is a duet narrated audiobook and the narrators did a good job.

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  4. The Book Junkie Reads Miley

    What I enjoy most about this audio was the way the dual (duo) narration ran together. Male for male voice and a feminine for female voice. The way that they splice the voices together felt more like a cohesive blending.

    The story was the first that I have listened to from Amanda Heartley. I find a different world in each new MC romance that I come across. To see how the woman would fit in to the world of her man. Flynn and Jo were not first time acquaintances. They know each other from a time long ago. We meet Flynn and his crew while they are exiting their home turf. We get to see how Flynn and Jo meet again and start something new. Then we get to see Jo figure out she is in love and will do what is needed to have her man. This girl was ballsy.

    You learn respect, courage, brotherhood and a few other things. There is some blood shed and violence.

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