Bad Boy: Naughty at Night, Book 5


It’s amazing what the love of a real man can do. Peter learns this first-hand as his cop boyfriend, Chip has stuck by his side throughout all the drama that he’s been through. From the disappearance of his roommate, the controlling tentacles of casino boss Tony and Peter’s attempts to keep his deep dark secret from coming out. 

Chip knows he’s gotten in much deeper than he ever thought he would. This mess that Peter has gotten him into is about to affect his career, his family and very well could mean his life and that of his son. And though a weaker man would have walked away a long time ago, that’s just not the type of person that Chip is. He will stay by Peter through thick and thin and together, he promises Chip, they’re going to get through this. 

Although Peter wishes he could go back to the days when he was just a kindergarten teacher instead of moonlighting as an erotic masseuse at night, he knows life will never be the same. Thank God for Chip, his heart and soul, the love of his life. But what will Chip say if and when Peter’s school finds out about his nighttime excursions and the drama starts to become known not only city-wide but worldwide?


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