Bad Boy: Naughty at Night 4


Just when Peter thought things couldn’t get worse, he finds out the grim news about his roommate’s disappearance. He knows Tony is possessive and controlling but he has no idea just how far Tony will go to keep him under his thumb. Thank God that Chip, his ginger-headed, hot cop boyfriend with a heart of gold is there for him. 

Chip promises Peter that he’ll stay by his side no matter what. He’s in love with Peter and just not the type of guy to leave someone when they are in need. Peter is everything he could have ever dreamed of in a man inside, it’s just going to take a little more patience on Chip’s part to help Peter get his life straightened out. 

But how long will he stay when Peter’s life becomes more and more complicated and when it could very well put his 5-year-old son’s life at risk? How will Peter untangle himself from this web he’s spun and get back to normal life without being sucked even further into this horrible nightmare Tony has created? 



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