Bad Boy: Naughty at Night 3

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How life can change in an instant. One moment, Peter was just a lonely handsome kindergarten teacher that dreamed of making his own way and having a man whom he could have a family with. And the next, he was an erotic masseuse at night, juggling two men: one a hot ginger-headed cop with a son, (Peter’s student in fact), and the other an older man who was more sophisticated but controlling casino boss. 

Chip doesn’t know what to do with Peter. On one hand, try as he may to be rational, he can’t help but be in love with Peter. He knows that Peter has a complicated life but he also sees through that and knows with a little guidance, Peter will make the perfect partner and father to his five-year-old son. 

But for Peter, as he struggles to handle this new life of his in the third book in the series, he’s starting to see parts of Chip that break his heart and he’s not so sure he likes and the controlling tentacles of Tony are starting reach into corners of his life he has no business exploring.


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