Aztec Odyssey

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Faced with unravelling the mysteries of both the present and the past, aspiring archaeologist Nick LaBounty embarks on a dangerous mission to solve a long-held family mystery and discover the truth behind the stolen artifacts.

He soon finds his fate irreversibly entangled with a civilization from over 500 years ago. But time is running out, and the future of both a fabulous treasure – and all Central America – teeters precariously in the balance.

1 review for Aztec Odyssey

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Told from the Aztec point of view from 1500+, and the modern day search for the ancient truth of it, with subplots aplenty, this book is the best of its genres. The historical fiction is very fact-based and compelling. The modern day drama has drug cartels, family history, a bit of romance, and no small amount of action/adventure. You’ll enjoy all 14+ hours and still want more…I got my copy from Audiobooks Unleashed.

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