Auschwitz Survivor: How I Survived Hitler’s Ovens


I spent five years in five concentration camps. All the atrocities I saw haunt me, so I write to process the past. I will never be able to erase from my memory the picture of Birkenau, where one year seemed a thousand years, where thousands of men and women from all parts of the world found an untimely end. Five years seem a short space of time, but more crimes were committed during that period than during the past five centuries. 

At the time of my departure from Birkenau I noticed with dismay that only 25 men were still alive out of the total of 628 whom I met in the prison. Within two months, 600 men were exterminated in the Hitlerian hell. The surviving 25 prisoners did not last long. Several died in Sachsenhausen from typhoid fever. Others, whose physical endurance was at the lowest, died in Birkenau. A few weeks of hard labor proved sufficient to speed their end. I am the only one who survived.


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