Assassin’s Odyssey: The Lost History Chronicles

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This is a stand-alone book inside of a shared universe of other stories, The Lost History Chronicles.

Ancient Greece, a country filled with rulers vying to keep their power as democracy grows. With a thirst for domination, King Aeneas sends his two best assassins, Adonis and Selene, to the neighboring region of Arcadia in the hope of expanding his reign. 

They must kill King Argus. 

Adonis, a well-respected captain in the assassin company, is loyal to only three things: King Aeneas, his land, and Selene. 

His fellow captain, Selene is as cunning as she is beautiful. Her passion for Adonis is only matched by her pursuit of Greek justice. 

Both are challenged by their King’s request. Will they remain loyal to the maleficent ruler, or refuse and deal with the consequences of disobeying the tyrant?

RATING (0-10)

Nudity/Sexuality: 3 (There is heavy kissing and nondetailed sexuality, both straight and gay.)

Killing/Murder: 8 (There are several assassinations and bloody deaths in a variety of ways.)

Language: 3 (Several damns.)

Recommended Ages: 13 and up. 

Overall feel: The book is filled with both tension and dread in a fast-paced action-adventure. Has several philosophical questions pertaining to virtue, loyalty, god, and science.


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