Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts: Helping Mr. Blairington and Other Misadventures


”I will reiterate that the young lady is unusually brilliant, highly opinionated, very compassionate, and brave to a fault.” (Dr. Carla M. Wittier, Jillian’s Old Shrink Lady)

”She’s not afraid to set all wrongs to right.” (Jimmy Denson, best friend)

”You spend enough time in conversation with Jillian and she’ll have you talking with a Southern accent, drinking some berry flavored tea, and fighting the urge to dig up worms to go fishing.” (Danielle Matheson, former babysitter/current friend)

Now meet Jillian Blairington in some of the adventures and misadventures that pre-date the events of Ashlynn’s Dreams.

”Helping Mr. Blairington”
”It Wasn’t the Old Daddy’s Day”
”I Caught the Clothes-Stealing Wretch”
”JJ and Jimmy Take on Crazy Nick”
”Chester M. Norrington and the Devil Boy”
”Beachside Invitation”
”Frightening the Flight Ladies”
”Dumpster Diving”
”Exploring Mr. Kremel’s Creepy Old Place”


This book is a prequel to the Devya’s Children series. It’s a series of short stories featuring Jillian before the start of Ashlynn’s Dreams. That is the first official book in the series. It fits in Childrens and short story categories.


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