Ashes Beneath Her

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It’s a bright sunny day in 1975 when Orla varnishes without a trace.

She is not the first woman to disappear into the sunlit woods of northern Michigan. As Orla’s best friend searches for clues as to her whereabouts, the tracks of a serial killer begin to emerge.

You won’t want to stop reading this fast-paced supernatural mystery. Ghosts, murder, and a mysterious asylum await you.

2 reviews for Ashes Beneath Her

  1. Norma Miles

    Death comes for all of us …”
    Ashes Beneath Her is the third standalone story in the series based on and around the Norther Michigan Asylum. Now that’s an area to avoid. A mix of mystery thriller and the paranormal, the book is initially slow moving but the tempo builds as the tensions, and theories, develope. The real beauty of these stories is the excellent character development, the protagonists becoming both real and memorable, eliciting out empathy and keeping the reader involved. And the paranormal is not overly intrusive with some ghostly manifestations, tarot cards and someone’s ability to feel the past history of an item through touch.

    Narration, by Marty Stein, is excellent. She has a velvety voice which is used to good effect, the text well paced and delivered with expression, her character voices individually distinctive and appropriate. Her performance definitely enhances the enjoyment of this book.

    I was fortunate in being freely gifted with a complimentary copy of Ashes Beneath Her, at my request, by the rights holder via Audiobook Unleashed. Thank you. This is my second book from this series and, though not quite as intriguing as Rag Doll Bones, the previous book I read, it still has a fine, chi!long presence throughout combined with a normality which firmly grips the reader’s attention and immagination. Good writing and fine reading. Recommended.

  2. Randi Robinson

    Serial Killer thriller with a paranormal twist
    Six girls have gone missing without a trace in the area near the Northern Michigan Insane Asylum in the last five years but police have not made the connection and most were written off as runaways. A young reporter thinks they are connected and works with the mother of one of the victims to investigate in hopes of getting the police to reopen the cases. The book mostly concentrates on the latest victim Orla, a young girl with a “gift”. She can touch an item and tell things about it and the person whom it belongs to. This gift could help her solve the case, if she can get away from the mad doctor holding her captive. The book moves at a fast pace and kept me listening all day. The narrator has a soft spoken voice that at first I thought would detract from a twisty thriller, but this was not the case. She did a very good job. This is the second book in the Northern Michigan Insane Asylum series that I have read and enjoyed. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

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