Ash: Journeys of the Immortal Book One

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“Your love is immense, your powers beyond words. May we meet again in paradise.” Only Sam could hear the message – it was meant only for her. 

After the loss of her mother, Sam, 12, is forced to accompany her father on a field expedition in search of Bigfoot. What they discover instead reignites Sam’s faith in all things magic – the mythical creature Ash. Her new friend reveals that she has special powers of her own. But if Ash can’t make it home in three days, he’ll be stuck on Earth forever and forfeit his immortality. Can Sam develop and control her newfound abilities in time to save him? The race is on….

Ash is the inaugural book in the Journeys of the Immortal series which follows Sam, who is forced to grow up faster than she should as she comes face-to-face with legendary creatures once thought to be only myths. 

Ash is a fast-paced, power-packed coming-of-age adventure set in magical realism. A strong female lead with newfound abilities battles wits with an opportunistic fortune seeker, hellbent on fame even if it costs lives.

3 reviews for Ash: Journeys of the Immortal Book One

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Despite some aggression and violent behavior by one the adult characters, this is a lovely YA/coming-0f-age adventure highly recommended for “tweeners” and up to 18 year olds. I’m sure a sequel would also be successful.

  2. Shirley Forrest Nomakeo

    From The Ashes

    An unbelievable turn of events takes this YA adventure from a fun weekend experience to a a fight for legacy. Sam’s dad is seeking the elusive earthly beings while his friend and colleague is after the extraterrestrial. Their children band together to solve the mystery and save the day.The narrator voiced Sam’s character well.

  3. Laura Rose

    Joel Thomas Feldman has written a creative coming-of-age story entwined with a creature of myth. The story was cute and entertaining; however, some of the actions and thoughts depicted seemed a little mature for a girl of only twelve. I enjoyed the story and I recommend it to others who like this genre. Sophia Kasem’s narration was good. I was given a free copy of the audiobook and I have voluntarily left this review.

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