Apollo Is Mine: Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem (Gods and Monsters Book 1)

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Greek Gods. Reverse Harem. Oh, my!

I’m a warrior. Cursed to fight monsters. Sworn to act as Zeus’ sword to protect mankind.

But I’d give it all up for one last kiss with the god who stole my heart…Apollo.

I never wanted to carry my family’s legacy. But blood ties cannot be broken, and I’ll keep the promise I made my father on his dying bed. Legendary monsters hunt in city streets of Chicago, and my job was to take down the worst.

I’ve trained with Heracles. Been blessed with super human powers. What I’ve never done is fallen in love, until Apollo crossed my path. But he isn’t the only god to catch my attention. Hades is here too, and with him comes a darkness that leaves behind a trail of human bodies. Heracles and my gut instinct urges me to destroy this creature, but each step brings me closer to the truth…

Darkness cannot win…or the Earth will tumble into chaos and I’ll lose the god I’ve come to love…Apollo is mine.

Apollo is Mine is book 1 in the Gods and Monsters reverse harem series.

Content Warning: Steamy love scenes, dominating alphas who protect their female, and plenty of sexy Greek gods who will leave you breathless.

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2 reviews for Apollo Is Mine: Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem (Gods and Monsters Book 1)

  1. Amber Alverson

    Super start to a new series. I love the premise of the Gods and little ole Elise. A nice slow burn with some sexy time thrown in. Now, the narration… superb! All the way around, Stacy Gonzalez, James Cassidy, Rich Miller, Mark Larchmont all did a fantastic job bringing the characters to life. Looking forward to book 2.

  2. Rebecca Gutknecht

    I absolutely love this book and the rest in this series! If you are looking for sexy adventure with wit then this and any other Mila Young book is the book for you!!

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