Antonia’s Arousal

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Toni has more worries on her plate than she cares to count. Their battered old carwash is in even worse shape than they thought. Phoebe has been alarmingly moody and withdrawn ever since she met their new landlord, Riley Thompson, to haggle out their lease agreement.

And the county’s new building inspector has showed up unexpectedly, and brought trouble with him. Now they might not be able to open their new business for several months!

Why does he keep coming back to pester her? If only he wasn’t so incredibly sexy, with a taste for homemade Italian cooking…and gorgeous Italian sorority girls!

1 review for Antonia’s Arousal

  1. M Phelps

    This is one a several in a series. It is a quick listen which each of these books focused on a different girl within the sorority and they journey to start a car wash business. This was a great hot listen with a story woven in the journey to love for the main characters. Gavin McAllister does a great job. I am enjoying each of these stories within the series.

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