Another Other Prince Charming: Or Sleeping Beauty’s Younger Brother


In this retelling of a classic tale, there was a royal baby cursed to become a sleeping beauty, the lovely Princess Dawn…but now, learn also of her two handsome brothers: bold Crown Prince Randolfo and the younger, artistic, and handsome Prince Halcyon. 

When the faerie god-folk hide the princess and her younger brother, Prince Hal, deep in the forest, both royal siblings discover phantom lovers that appear to them in magical ways, through dreams and invisibility. And both fall in love with their phantom princes.

The guardian faeries seek to protect the princess from pricking her finger on a spinning wheel, while at the same time, bridge the gap of 100 years, until a charming prince might chance upon her to awaken her with a kiss.

The evil Faerie Crumblerot has wicked plans for young Prince Halcyon and his lover, Prince Drake, and wants to destroy love at all cost.


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