Angus: A Broken World Novel

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Angus James has played many roles in his life, but none have prepared him for the one he now finds himself in. Alone for too long, traveling the wastelands of what was once the United States, he’s all but given up hope of ever seeing another living person.

Then, he finds her. 

Naya is a tough and resilient kid, but she’s alone in a world full of creatures intent on wiping out what’s left of the human race, and Angus knows it’s up to him to keep her safe. And for once in his life, he’s determined to get something right. 

Battling nightmarish creatures, feral animals, harsh conditions, and even their own demons, Angus and Naya must work together if they want to survive. But being with another person after years on his own brings up painful memories Angus had thought were long forgotten, making the journey as heartbreaking as it is treacherous. It gives him something else as well, though. Hope. And that’s something he never thought he’d have again.


***Continuation of the Broken World and Twisted World series. Can be read as a standalone, but you can find the recommended reading order here.

3 reviews for Angus: A Broken World Novel

  1. Mia Harper

    I absolutely loved this book, Angus’s story has to have been the most moving of them all, I could see him coming to life the more he was around Nya, although heartbreaking at times as he relived his memories. This was the best book in a fantastic series with excellent narration, and totally deserves 5 stars across the board, I can’t recomend it highly enough. I received this book in exchange for my honest review.

  2. Shan MC

    Good narration. He fits the character of Angus well; nice tone to his voice. Good recording quality too. Recommend listening experience.

    Death galore in this book; any semblance of a happily ever after for the characters from the Broken World and Twisted series is destroyed. The experiments on Angus have caused him to be long living, so he’s outlived all his family and friends; things have not been rosy for the characters from these connecting series. Angus thinks he’s all alone, but runs into a young girl and her mother; the mother is dying and asks Angus to protect her daughter. Angus and the girl set out in hopes of finding a new settlement they can be part of; it’s rough going through the zombie lands. They are dealing with some hybrid zombies; a more aggressive and faster type of zombie. The story goes back and forth between Angus’ present day and memories from his past.

    The writing is good and there are some interesting parts, but pretty much the only storyline is Angus remembering the past; some details about his life before the outbreak, his love for Parvati, but mainly about how the people in his life died. His memories jump around in time a lot too, so it felt disjointed at times, but I did enjoy learning a bit more about those characters. Just too bad they weren’t many happy moments for Angus and the rest.

    Overall, I think I’d have been fine not reading this; probably better off because I could’ve kept imagining that the characters from this series some how found a way to live long, happy lives in this crazy world they found themselves in. That’s not this series though; this series goes for a more doomsday/possibly more realistic way of ending things. I’m going to go with a 3 rating. Good writing, good bones, but just not how I want the stories I read to go.

  3. Audra Dryer

    I thoughly enjoyed Angus. It was well written and the narrator did a great. He was Angus. The story was interesting and kept me listening well past bedtime. It was sad to learn of so many losses. But no one lives forever, except maybe Angus

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