Android Girl: And Other Sentient Speculations

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Android Girl is the perfect title for this collection of poetry. Like an android, this collection balances humanity and machine with an adequate dose of horror. Michael expresses himself in a variety of forms, utilizing both rhyme and free verse to offer wry warnings and submerged truths.

Android Girl is a deliciously varied collection from the industrious pen of Michael H. Hanson, wherein you may find your own truths in his winsome verses. A section titled “Phased Transitions” is mostly dedicated to big names in SF, with lines such as “The box is closed, terrors mildew/the master of our world is mute” (for Richard Matheson). With some nostalgic, some amusing, even a few profound, Hanson offers us a mix we can’t refuse. Buy a copy for your shelves and share!” 

1 review for Android Girl: And Other Sentient Speculations

  1. Jerry Harkey

    Evidently, Hanson has many works, but I just (accidentally) purchased this one and it’s my first read of his. I was amazed by the range of subjects, diversity of the characters, the insightful observations, and most importantly the quality of each piece. I didn’t keep track of how many Poems/Essays are included but estimate at least 60+ (10+/- of them about the Android Girl). I totally enjoyed at least 90% of them. Highly recommended, even if you haven’t tried this style of book previously (which I hadn’t!).

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