Ancient Loyalties


During the height of the 2003 Iraqi war, Captain John Russo, a Marine helicopter pilot, risks his life to save the crew of a downed helicopter. He is severely wounded and receives the Silver Star and the Purple Heart award. Subsequently, his injury causes him to be discharged from the United States Marine Corps.

Upon returning home to New York City, his mother, who had been ill, dies. His heartbroken father, Luca, decides to return to the land of his birth: Sicily. John temporarily puts aside his employment and marriage to Lisa Pappas and accompanies his father to the seaside town of Licata, Sicily. John’s original intention was to remain only two weeks. But the events that followed tie John to this ancient land for several years.

Here in Sicily, John finds Justina Merati, the pharmacist daughter of the local Mafia capo. A marriage takes place, and a clash occurs between John and his father-in-law. John is set up by the father-in-law to smuggle counterfeit money into the USA. John is arrested and sentenced to three years in a US medium security prison. During this time, Justina gives birth to John Luca Rizzo. A series of events take place that cause much misery and heartbreak for John Rizzo.

Upon returning to Licata, he becomes vengeful and seeks retribution for the sins that were committed against him and his family. He seeks out the Mafia members involved, and a series of violent events occur. The success he achieves is unmatched in bringing down several notorious heroin traffickers and contract killers.

This action-packed novella will keep you on the edge of your seat. Through the action and misery, a true love story evolves.


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