American Carnage: Wounded Knee, 1890

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As the year 1890 wound to a close, a band of more than three hundred Lakota Sioux Indians led by Chief Big Foot made their way toward South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation to join other Lakotas seeking peace. Fearing that Big Foot’s band was headed instead to join “hostile” Lakotas, U.S. troops surrounded the group on Wounded Knee Creek. Tensions mounted, and on the morning of December 29, as the Lakotas prepared to give up their arms, disaster struck. Accounts vary on what triggered the violence as Indians and soldiers unleashed thunderous gunfire at each other, but the consequences were horrific: some 200 innocent Lakota men, women, and children were slaughtered. American Carnage-the first comprehensive account of Wounded Knee to appear in more than 50 years-explores the complex events preceding the tragedy, the killings, and their troubled legacy.

In this gripping tale, Jerome A. Greene-renowned specialist on the Indian wars-explores why the bloody engagement happened and demonstrates how it became a brutal massacre. Epic in scope and poignant in its recounting of human suffering, American Carnage presents the reality-and denial-of our nation’s last frontier massacre. It will leave an indelible mark on our understanding of American history.

1 review for American Carnage: Wounded Knee, 1890

  1. Janalyn Prude

    A greatly researched and nice little story about an embarrassing event and a history. equal to Americans owning slaves .The way we treated the Native Americans is an embarrassment and I think it is so good that this story is being told. I read a summary of this story long ago and never forgot that the captain told his men to kill the women and children too., because a little louse becomes a big louse and I thought that was horrible. I am so glad I read this And I highly recommend it to those who love history. Knowing our past mistakes will help us prevent making the same ones again.

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