Amelia’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Brides, Book 2)

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When Amelia first brings Bruce home, Jude and Alma and Allegra laugh at him. He’s a big, gangly hulk of a man, but he’s clumsy and ungainly in his movements, unlike delicate, careful Amelia. Jude especially sees Bruce as an easy target for his pointed sense of humor. The sisters can’t figure out why Bruce doesn’t stand up to his much smaller brother-in-law, when he could put Jude in his place with a flick of his wrist. No amount of encouragement from anyone can prod Bruce into asserting himself. He even seems to go out of his way to bow to Jude’s will. Even Alma finds Jude’s behavior toward Bruce disturbing.

But no one on the Goodkind ranch knows that Bruce is hiding an explosive secret, one which will transform the relationships of this family forever. The introduction of another man into the family brings fresh complications to the fragile peace established after Jude’s arrival. Competing loyalties and affections breed conflicts and misunderstandings, until everyone stands against everyone else. Only Amelia’s unwavering faith in her new husband carries them through to the ultimate climax. In his last battle, Bruce finds a strength he never knew he had in Amelia’s love.

3 reviews for Amelia’s Mail Order Husband (Texas Brides, Book 2)

  1. Janalyn Prude

    This is the second book in the series I have read. When I read The first book Alma’s mail order bride I was very new to mail order bride stories and was very obsessed with them, as I still lamb. So when I read it my opinion was skewed by my love for the genre. Having said that reading the second book I now see why I really didn’t like about the farts but they have conversations that make them sound as if they are very simple minded people. Amelia and her new husband Bruce or talking on their honeymoon in Amelia says I can’t tell you about Allegra that is for her to tell you and I can’t tell you on the first night… Bruce says that’s fine you don’t have to tell me… Amelia says maybe I can tell you another night but not the first night he says that’s fine I don’t want to get into anyone’s personal business… Amelia says well if it was my business I would tell you maybe when you get to know Allegra she can tell you, but I can’t tell you… And it goes on and on like that. I’m sure the author is very talented but this dialogue seems sophomoric at best. Not to mention I found Amelia and her sisters got excited over the most Mandane things, such as when her new husband Bruce tells her he knew other women that wore jeans and worked on the ranch her mind was blown. I know some people would think this is sweet and I too thought it was sweet only because they seem so simple. I still gave it four starsThough because the plot was very good with Bruce being a total gentle giant and John almost coming off like a bully and then the twist. So I wouldn’t say it isn’t worth listening to is this is just my Humble opinion and we’re all entitled to one so there’s mine.

  2. JoAnn Thompson

    Odd Story… I found myself becoming disturbed by the interactions between Bruce (featured in this story) and Jude (introduced in Book 1 of this series). Fortunately, the story line is interesting in that you’ll want to find out just what is in store for these three sisters in the end—plus there’s still the mystery of “whatever happened” to Allegra, the third sister that was so secretive that was continually being brought up but was never disclosed.

  3. Sheri MacNutt

    There is still a lot of simple, short lines in this book. While most of the story was as good, I had a hard time with the description of Bruce. Maybe people were a lot smaller back then but the way Bruce is portrayed makes it sound like he’s gigantic. I also had no idea from the first book that Jude was such a nasty bully.

    The best scene is the very last chapter and it has left me wondering how Alma and Jude are going to react.

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