Amazon Fire Tablet

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A comprehensive and easy-to-use Fire tablet user guide.

For both the long-term and the new users of the Kindle Fire wishing to get the best out of their buy, this new and updated guide will help you navigate through your Kindle Fire 7.

Despite the fact that this user guide is for the Amazon Fire Tablet 7, the easy-to-use tips and instructions can as well be used for the other Amazon Fire tablets. Just to give a preview of content to expect in the book, you won’t wish to miss this information:

  • All the unique features of the Kindle Fire 7, including how to use them
  • Special guidelines on how to navigate the Kindle Fire menus, including the content libraries
  • Instructions on how to register your Kindle as well as getting started with your Fire tablet
  • How to shop for the Kindle content
  • Understanding guidelines on the proper management of your Kindle content
  • Learn the easy navigation of the Quick Settings status bar
  • Information on proper management of your device
  • Information on the troubleshooting for some of the common problems with your Fire tablet

The Kindle Fire is for sure a great e-reader. It, however, takes the new users much time to get used to it just like any other new gadget in the market. Purchase this Kindle Fire guidebook, therefore, and realize that your device is not just for the reading of books or newspapers, but further enhances your experience with more content included in it.


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