Always and Forever: A Clean Billionaire Romance


She’s taken herself out of the dating game. He’s the king of meaningless relationships. Will a late-night meeting change their minds about love?

Briony’s last boyfriend was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Jumping off the dating merry-go-round was a no-brainer. That decision sent shock waves through her nearest and dearest. She doesn’t expect them to understand. They’ve never walked in her shoes. They don’t know how stressful dating is when there’s a monkey on your back. It’s never been a matter of if the ax will fall but when and what form it’ll take. A girl can handle only so much rejection before she stops believing there’s a happily ever after in her future.

A dozen years in the NFL made Hollis a household name. These days he’s famous for two things: turning a nearly bankrupt regional sporting goods chain into a highly successful national brand and being a heartless playboy. The first is an indisputable fact. The second is a label that’s only as accurate as who’s being asked. Hollis never lies to women about his intentions. He makes it clear he’s not interested in walking down the aisle. Is it his fault no one believes him?



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