All of Me

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Dirk Sexton is a 30-year-old playboy with a conscience. He wants the sex without feeling the guilt of his meaningless one-night stands. Deciding to take a chance, he finally takes the leap only to realize that he may have chosen the wrong sister.

Autumn Dey may be Summer’s twin sister, but they are definitely not identical. Summer is tall and toned…and, well, Autumn isn’t. When Summer starts dating her sister’s gorgeous new boss, Dirk Sexton, Autumn slides herself into the friend zone, admiring from afar. Until, that is, her alter ego and 900 operator discovers Dirk’s true desires. Will love truly conquer all?

4 reviews for All of Me

  1. Bette

    Wonderful RomCom & Audible Listen? A Heartfelt Delight!

    All of Me
    By: Andrea Smith
    Narrated by: Alexander Cendese, Gabrielle Cendese

    I loved everything about this book, from Andrea Smith’s wonderful writing style to the storylines and characters she created. I must say it is great to see another side of Andrea Smith, sure she has included and nailed humor in some of her other novels but she takes humor to a whole different level here and it is RomCom at its best and not to be missed. I love how realistic and relatable her characters and storylines are, also love how well she balances humor, lightheartedness with realism of every day life for some. She does this without making light or fun of anything or anyone. I adored, Autumn, she is smart and full of personality. It took me awhile to warm to Dirk Sexton, a typical player, he redeems himself once he gets past his shallow ways. I loved the whole premise of this book, loved how well plotted it is, there is never a dull moment, with plenty of drama, angst, great humor and witty dialogue, some heartfelt moments and a buildup to a wonderful romance. Andrea Smith, thank you for this wonderful story, the laughs and the emotional roller coaster ride.

    I listened to the Audible edition, Alexander & Gabrielle Cendese are talented narrators and voice artists. They bring these characters to life, giving each their own voice and personality. You could hear how much heart they put into their work as they captured the emotions of the characters and projected it into their performance. They also did an amazing job with the witty dialogue nailing the humor without missing a beat. They are entertaining storytellers and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for this wonderful listen?

  2. Rebecca Webeck

    What a cute story! Funny and sexy also. You Definitely will not regret getting this book and the narrators did a great job as well!

  3. Brooke Ehly

    Wow! I absolutely loved listening to this book. You have your romance, but also some comedy and drama mixed in as well which makes it for a perfect listen. Writing was done beautifully!

    You can find this review as well as my others on my audible listener page.

  4. Felicia Steele

    All of Me by Andrea Smith is a BBW Romance that I listened to on audio narrated by Alexander Cendese and Gabrielle Cendese.

    I just love Andrea’s books! I loved that the story went between Dirk and Autumn’s point of views. It really brings the story to life.

    Alexander and Gabrielle did an amazing job on the narration. They really brought the story to life. I look forward to listening to more of their projects in the future.

    I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Romance, BBW Romance, or Romantic Comedies.

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