Alkaline Diet The Scientifically Proven Way to Lose Weight and Fight Against Chronic Disease


What if you could prevent and even treat health problems like arthritis and hypertension – just by altering the food you eat? What if there were a way to reverse over 10 years of bad food decisions in as little as two weeks – or if a couple of tiny changes in your diet could lead to big improvements in your overall health.

You see, alkaline foods can preserve gut health to slow down the aging process and help prevent health issues from headaches to diabetes. And celebrities like Kelly Ripa use the diet to help them look 10 years younger. Ripa also credits the diet with healing her chronic pain issues. But it’s not just the rich and famous who are utilizing this life-changing diet.

One mother of two in early mid-30s used an alkaline diet to lose 40 pounds in just four months – and most importantly – she no longer has to take her rheumatoid arthritis medication. Less than a year later, she completed her first half marathon. 

A husband and wife team both lost over 25 pounds in two months. The husband was suffering from severe lung disease, which resulted in him being out of breath after a short walk. Thanks to an alkaline diet, he can now walk longer distances without trouble. 

In this book you’ll discover: 


  • What everyone needs to know about the link between alkaline diet and cancer
  • Alkaline water: myth or miracle 
  • If you are suffering from headaches and fatigue for no identifiable reason, this could be why 
  • Eat these three foods to immediately have a positive effect on your blood pressure
  • Seven powerful juice recipes to combat hypertension 
  • This old-school drink is also one of the most effective anti-inflammatory treatments 
  • The number one fruit for healing your liver 
  • Why staying indoors may be harming your gut health  
  •  The world’s number-one alkaline superfood for weight loss (this fat fighter is not even marketed as “healthy” and available in every grocery store in the country)
  • You current diet may put you at risk for this disease, even if you don’t show any symptoms
  • Worse than cocaine: Consuming too much of this food is worse for your body than a schedule 1 drug
  • Plus a seven-day alkaline eating plan to get you on the right track immediately


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