Meet Martin Koll, the young CEO of a successful tech company that has just landed a multimillion-dollar client.  

Life is good. Until it isn’t. 

When Koll falls under suspicion of murder, all the evidence seems against him. Fortunately, he has an airtight alibi – until suddenly he doesn’t. As the police gather evidence for an arrest, it falls on Koll to clear himself – to find out who has set him up, and why? 

Time is running out. 


“A combo of classic noir and modern-day mystery, Alibi is fast-paced with not a wasted word. Martin Koll is a great lead character – unflappable, he ain’t! His alarming adventure is a totally engaging ride – like being on a roller coaster and not being able to remove your clenched hands from the grab bar!” (Audrey E. Kupferberg, co-author of Angela Lansbury, Matthau: A Life, and Meet the Mertzes)

“McCarty’s protagonist, an ‘everyman’ Philip Marlowe, casts the reader in the role of gumshoe in this modern day homage to classic detective fiction and films noir. The story unfolds in gritty black & white at a fast clip – I loved the Evelyn character’s back story and her long suffering mother. A pleasure to read.” (Frank Laloggia, writer-director of Lady in White and Fear No Evil)

“This gritty, grimy, rain-drenched odyssey of New York cranks into high gear from the first page and barely gives the reader a chance to draw breath. Told in a rollercoaster first-person narrative by a murder suspect turned reluctant detective, Alibi is a gripping modern noir that balances hard-boiled sleuthing with a palpable air of paranoia and desperation. Cops, dames and an unstoppable avenging hero populate this bleak landscape – a milieu that John McCarty embraces with a tip of the fedora to Dashiell Hammett whilst simultaneously crafting a wholly plausible evolution of the genre.” (Tony Earnshaw, author of An Actor and a Rare One – Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes)

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