Akashi’s WIll


A Dungeon Core Guardian Series!

In a land surrounded by a frontier populated with powerful monsters, three nations stand alone. Their continued existence is owed to their relationship with seven dungeons and the mystical warriors that are bound in service to them – the Khanri.

Many eager hopefuls volunteer every year to undergo the trials to join the ranks of the secretive Khanri. The handful that are chosen find that the path to becoming one of the vaunted warriors is paved with the bones of countless dead.

The newest hopefuls Afton and Marty are embarking on their journey to fulfill their lifelong ambition of joining the ranks of the Khanri that serve the Dungeon Akashi. Along the way, a startling truth will be afforded them that will shake their understanding of their world to their very core. They will find out why the Khanri are always recruiting.

Disclaimer: This book contains the occasional expletive, violent repetitive deaths, near-godlike warriors, a snarky gnome, a mystery that slowly unravels, and a sadistic dungeon that has been unable to talk to anyone for way too long. Listen to it at your own risk.


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