Against All Odds

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My father shocked not only me, but everyone around him when he announced his retirement. He isn’t just any man – he’s Jorge Vernon and Miami bows down to him. In most cases, his role would pass down to his son, however he doesn’t have any, and that leaves only one heir – me. 

He knows how much this city means to me, it fuels my fire and the people here matter to me more than anything. 

There’s a catch though, he isn’t just handing me keys to the city. I have to rule alongside one of two men that my father has hand-chosen for me. Oh, and they’re brothers. 

But what happens when enemies rise from the unknown? When people that you thought you could trust turn out to be the ones you should have feared in the first place? 

I thought this would be easy, but it turns out that it may end up getting me killed, and possibly the two men who I’m supposed to pick between.

1 review for Against All Odds

  1. Dana McKee

    This is an honest review for an [audiobook] ARC received.

    Kenna Vernon’s father “runs” Miami. He announces his retirement and tells Kenna if she wants the keys to the city, she’ll have to choose a man to run it with her. Kenna is fine with this as she feels that marriage is about power, not love. He gives her two men to choose from – twin brothers, Phoenix and Asher. Phoenix is the president of The Devil’s Ash MC. Asher moved to California where he works with his passion, cars. Phoenix loves Miami just as much as Kenna and her dad. He believes that Asher would tear the city apart for his own well-being and to hell with the people who live there. Phoenix won’t let that happen, and he won’t push Kenna into something she’s not comfortable with. Will Kenna choose the right man to run the city with?

    Against All Odds is a great start to this new series. It’s fast paced and intense with loads of suspenseful action. Erin Trejo and Elizabeth Knox are new authors for me. I was not at all disappointed! Kenna is an independent and sassy young woman who isn’t afraid of anything. Phoenix is a strong, fearless and protective alpha male. Asher needs an attitude adjustment, but you can see that he has the same redeeming qualities as his twin. All 3 are cunning and dangerous. I would describe the sex in this book as extreme, bold, and dirty. There was one part in particular that made me feel like I needed to go to church to beg forgiveness and confess my sins. My main sin being that I rewound that part 3 times. *cue hot flash* Sweet baby Jaysus on a Harley, this book was dirty in the very best way! I highly recommend this book! The only con I have is that there wasn’t enough depth to the HEA. By that I mean, it happened way too quickly. There wasn’t enough substance there to make it believable for me as ‘love’ versus respect and lust. But that’s just based on my personal preference, and doesn’t take any points from my 5-star review. I’m dying for the 2nd book!

    Narrator Logan McAllister did a great job bringing this story to life. He portrayed each character very well, giving each one their own voice. It’s clear that he puts a lot of heart into what he does. Thank you, Logan McAllister.


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