Adopting Hope

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All My Children actress Jill Larson moved mountains as a single mother to adopt her daughter from China. George Fadok, a former navy commander, grappled with “changing the rules” 18 years after placing his daughter in a closed adoption. Angela Paxton, wife of the Texas attorney general and an adoptee, never thought she would ever meet her birth mom, but when she did, it changed her life.

Embarking on an adoption journey can be daunting, but now you are not alone! This collection of true, beautiful accounts, including Larson’s, Fadok’s, and Paxton’s, takes an honest look at the process, the struggles, and the undeniable joy that comes with adoption. With insights from all three adoption triad viewpoints, Adopting Hope shares a wealth of lessons learned and tips for every person contemplating an adoption journey.

  • How to have the courage to adopt
  • How to decide on an open vs. a closed adoption
  • How to handle a foreign adoption
  • How to survive the agonizing wait to become parents
  • How to tell your adopted child “the story”
  • How to make your adopted child feel loved
  • How to negotiate a relationship with your child’s birth parents
  • How to help your child work through feelings of loneliness or rejection
  • How to dispel negative attitudes you will encounter about adoption
  • And so much more, including suggestions from birth parents and adoptees!

1 review for Adopting Hope

  1. Lynn Carnefix

    So many perspectives on adopting — full of hope
    Sensitively voiced by Melissa Schwairy and nicely paced, her tone and subtle character changes are just right.
    The stories of so many people who turned to adoption to create their families are touching, sometimes heart breaking, and always hopeful. For anyone who’s considered adopting, but not yet taken the step, this is the book that will show you the possibilities. it also has voices of some who did not embrace adoption as such a positive thing. It is a well-rounded, spirit-filled approach to seeing the value and positive choices made by mothers who want the best for their babies whom they love. This shows adopted children were not unwanted or discarded. A great, fresh look at a deeply personal event for every person involved in an adoption.

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