Accidentally Married to the Billionaire – Part 1

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Billionaire Brandon Cates is days away from losing everything, from his Fortune 500 company to his huge estate. His only hope is Marjorie Reynolds.

The COO had decamped for greener pastures just ahead of a so-called merger. What it was, was an acquisition by a sweeter name. The company would get to keep its moniker and brand under the umbrella of Power Regions Ltd. Presumably, it would be helmed by a new executive. But Brandon Cates’ expiration date was coming and the game was about to change. He failed to meet the terms of the will, so his wicked stepmother will take all. Lena Cates has a team of lawyers circling him like vultures as the termination date approaches. To maintain control of the company, Brandon has to be married by his thirtieth birthday.

When intoxicated Marjorie Reynolds hears his story at a dance club in Vegas, they scheme and hatch an idea that just might work. Marj cannot believe she has just accepted such an outrageous proposal. But she knows it’ll give Brandon the keys back to his billion dollar kingdom. Marj is all about fighting oppression and injustice. She refuses to let Brandon’s evil stepmother win, even nicknaming her the Wicked Queen. Because if this wicked queen does win, Marj will be out of a job, too. And she’s already sinking in debt. Brandon is confident he has this one in the bag.

Can Brandon convince his new accidental bride to play along with the charade?

1 review for Accidentally Married to the Billionaire – Part 1

  1. Coolestmommy R

    I enjoyed the story and enjoyed the way Brandon and Marjorie went about trying to beat the “Wicked Queen” at her own game. She’s truly an awful woman and I’m rooting for Brandon and Marjorie. Looking forward to listening to the other parts of the story.

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