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New wars and old conflicts. An empire reborn from blood and ash.

Nikia Idan led an uprising that liberated the Tribari people. Brek Trigan saved his colony from starvation. Captain Drake Elgin protected the citizens of Central from loyalist forces. The worst was supposed to be behind them.

When a loyalist fleet appears in Tribari airspace, the tenuous alliance between military and parliament is strained to the point of breaking. Meanwhile, a rogue governor’s quest for independence will put the empire’s promise of freedom to the test.

The decisions of these few will change the fate of many.

1 review for Absolution

  1. Krystal

    I’m really glad I had all four books in this series lined up in my Audible app so I could roll from one right into the other. I was doing some household chores when I finished Liberation and cued Absolution right up. Rachel Ford picked up nearly right where she left off and I feel like these last two books were the stronger ones within the series. The challenges that each character had to face were compelling and it kept the action moving so that I was no longer as annoyed by the narrator as I was in the first and, especially, the second book.

    I like how Rachel Ford combined the story lines of Nikia Idan and Brek Trigan: Nikia being forced to serve and act as a face of the successful revolution because of Grel and the baby; Brek learning how to be a minister in a world that he feels uncomfortable in. There was so much potential, both political and personal, here that I couldn’t wait to see where it went.

    Again, I loved the story line for Captain Elgin. There was a bunch of action and intrigue with his parts, and I loved his interactions with his fellow Captain Mercer. I would have been happy to see more of him.

    One of the issues that I had with this series is that I felt many of the bigger story arcs were glossed over or too brief. I know the first three books were fairly short and Absolution was double the length of those, but I really wish Ford would have delved deeper into all the major areas of the series: the bad guys, the fights, etc. Just when I would really settle into the story it would jump into something else. The big scenes didn’t have enough meat to sustain me. I wanted more!

    I will say that there was plenty going on in this final book of the series. Maybe a little too much? It just seemed like Ford kept tossing plot after plot into the story when it would have been stronger to break each new conflict into a different book and expand the series, or just cut some of the fluff altogether.

    Now that I’ve finished the series, I would rate the audiobook narrator at a solid C. I disliked Megan Green through the first two books. By the third I adjusted to her quirks and I mostly cruised along with her in the fourth book. I still believe this series would have been better served by having a male narrator or someone who is excellent at doing a range of male voices, considering the number of main male characters there are in this book.

    One note on the production of the audiobook. Green’s transitions between scenes were so quick that sometimes I was bewildered on what was going on. It sounded more like a continuation of a sentence rather than a changing of perspective. It’s a small matter, but would make it easier to listen to and understand if there were slight pauses in those parts.

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