About Truth


What could be sexier than a smoking-hot Russian man built like a brick house? One who is so into you….

High on a hot, romantic love affair, young and pretty Kallie Margolis has everything – almost. She has a beautiful house, all the money she needs, and the undivided attention of the most magnificent man she could ever imagine. Only, she doesn’t have to just imagine him, because Sasha Petrov is gorgeous, larger than life, unbelievable in bed, and very real.

Sasha is also the one who unwittingly helped ruin everything Kallie once had, and still, she fell for him. He earns his living on the mean streets of Baltimore in ways Kallie doesn’t want to know. She turns her head even though she was once a victim of his wicked ways. But their animal need for one another rockets them way beyond all that, and they have the time of their lives as Sasha makes it all up to her.

Just when the world could not get rosier or their passion more off the hook, the bottom threatens to drop out. Has Sasha played Kallie for a fool? Is he going to take her for another ride? Or can Kallie trust the sensual bad boy when he says his for love her, not a life of crime, is what drives him?

Just About series:

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  • About Truth
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