About Forever


USA Today best-selling author Lexy Timms brings you a new series About Love and everything in between the road to forever.

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” (William Shakespeare)

There comes a time, even in the hottest relationship ever, when enough is enough. But cutting off the magnificent and gorgeous bad boy Sasha Petrov is like cutting off an arm; Kallie Margolis just can’t do it. It’s not the lavish houses and attention she can’t leave behind – it’s him. His dangerous charm and once-in-a-lifetime passion. If anyone had told her before she left town on the fly that Sasha wasn’t right for her, she couldn’t even imagine it.

But once again, Kallie finds herself waking up in rustic, beach-front digs trying to make sense of it all. Getting away to sort it out isn’t an option, because Sasha is always one step behind. He lures her back into his powerful arms just by being near. He tries being cold and callous to teach her a lesson for taking off, but he can no more be angry with her than she can break up with him. When things look like they’re going to straighten out for the two of them the never-been-caught street-smart Sasha is arrested, this time for a fairly serious crime.

He’s a self-employed businessman who unapologetically deals with things not quite legal. Will the fallout of his shady pursuits be the end of the sweetest love Kallie believes she will ever find? Or will Sasha beat the odds and make it back to Kallie’s bed, and into her heart for good?

Just About Series:

  1. About Love
  2. About Truth
  3. About Forever


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