A Weekend of Kisses


Being a permanent guest in a villa in the Italian Alps isn’t the worst thing in the world…but when the jailer is her hot, sexy Alpha billionaire boyfriend Tony Petrides, former Ford Model Grace Delacourt is tormented by more than incarceration in Petrides’ palatial prison. 

When she is caught trying to break out of the villa, he takes her to Milan to keep an eye on her while he navigates his tricky business deals that could make or break his company. What’s worse, he may have found himself another woman while he and Grace are broken up. 

As it always does, their hot-headed bickering turns to into passionate sex, though time will tell if it will turn back into love again. One thing is for certain, both of them learn that Grace is a valuable partner through Tony’s business’ turbulent times. 

Will it be enough to save him? And can she love her dominant, smoldering sexy Greek if he should change from being one of the richest men in the world?


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