A Practical Guide to Puppy Raising: Nurture Your Dog the Ideal Way


When training on a total whim, your chances of success are slim!

A new puppy is an amazing addition to any home, but training them can turn into a nightmare very quickly. Exploring proven techniques and groundbreaking research, author Max Parrott provides everything you need to raise the perfect puppy with ease. Cutting corners will lead to messes. It’s time to “bone up” now!

Inside you’ll discover:

    • How to utilize positive reinforcement and Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT) to get your puppy to listen and respond to your commands . . .
    • A step-by-step guide to tackling developmental milestones, including housebreaking, crate training, and verbal commands . . .
    • Comprehensive training exercises guaranteed to build a healthy relationship between you and your pet . . .
  • How to fully recognize your puppy’s needs . . .


Don’t delay! Learn to raise your new puppy with confidence and kindness. By overcoming common behavioral issues and building a deep, mutual understanding with your dog, you soon will forge a bond that’s made to last a loving lifetime.

Treat your best friend right. The keys to triumph lie within!


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