A Month to Love: Compilation A Sweet Pride & Prejudice Variation

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While visiting Charlotte at Hunsford, Lizzy rejects Mr. Darcy’s proposal. Fate conspires to throw them together the next day as they rush to stop Charlotte and Richard from making a huge mistake. Their mission proves futile, but they reach a new understanding. Both believe their flight to follow their friends remains a secret, but secrets have a way of leaking….

Scandal dictates Darcy must propose, and Lizzy must accept. She refuses to rush into a hasty marriage and negotiates for nuptials four weeks from the proposal. That gives her a month to fall in love with her betrothed. Can she see past her objections to Darcy to fall in love with the man who will be her husband? 

2 reviews for A Month to Love: Compilation A Sweet Pride & Prejudice Variation

  1. Maria

    I’ve read my fair share of Pride & Prejudice Variations. And I’ve enjoyed some for their romantic aspect and other for the comedy and so on.
    This one didn’t work. It was too much clichéd to be enjoyed for the plot and the romance were fervent kisses between people who didn’t talk about things when there was need. The drama was underwhelming. Too many historical inaccuracies to be looked over.
    It was like fanfiction but the kind where all the characters are out of character (WHO was this Jane in particular? And Lady Catherine making scenes in front of everyone?)

  2. Faith

    I enjoyed this sweet story, but I must admit I wasn’t thrilled with variations to one of my favorite novels. I think Ms. North did a good job of remaining true to the original characters for the most part. I tried to simply enjoy the story and put a cap on my comparison to the original.

    I requested this audiobook from Audiobooks Unleashed and have voluntarily left this review.

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