A Head for an Eye


Matt Green’s successful capitalist lifestyle is shattered when a trusted property management company mismanages his portfolio, leaving him with vacant rental properties, civil litigation, mounting debts, and the threat of criminal charges for harassment.

He meets an enigmatic and alluring woman Angelique Augusto on an internet dating site. After two passionate weeks, Angelique begins to show a terrifying side, demanding to know Matt’s whereabouts every hour of every day. Then, Matt receives a visit from a police detective, who questions him in connection with the murder of a man Angelique met on an internet dating site.

Frustrated by the Canadian judicial system, his mounting litigation, and his fear of being wrongly convicted of murder, Matt flees with Angelique to the lawless Sierra Madre of Mexico to reunite with Angelique’s long-lost sister Gloria Alvarez. Matt discovers Angelique is a Tarahumara Indian, a descendant of a peaceful and reclusive tribe with the propensity for fierce retribution when their cultural identity is threatened. Unlike the Canadian judicial system, the Tarahumara brand of justice is a head for an eye – steal from them, and they kill you.

While Matt finds Angelique’s toughness and passion endearing, her possessive and obsessive behavior leads him to suspect she’s completely insane, totally capable of and willing to commit murder. Matt is horrified when she joins forces with a drug cartel assassin and orders a hit on a thug she learns has besmirched her family honor.

In macabre fashion, A Head for an Eye juxtaposes the ruthless Tarahumara brand of justice with the questionable Canadian justice system, explores the mysterious Indian tribe said to have solved every problem known to mankind, and delivers a gritty and action-packed journey into one of the most murderous and lawless regions in the world.


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