A Haunting Memory: The Cries Inside

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Robin Cartwright had known pure love and loss, but she had moved on. Every morning before the fog burns off, she hears a baby’s cry that is with her all the way into town, past a farmhouse where the cry seems to escalate out of control. 

There’s something about the way the baby’s cries abruptly end. A memory that haunts her, niggling in her mind. 

Casey Fields knew all about the cries; they were with him every second of every single day. No matter how hard he tried to get Robin to leave, she wouldn’t stay gone; she kept coming back. 

The farmhouse has something to do with the cries, with the memory, but what? 

When it finally surfaces, they both have to wonder if everything is just a memory, or is it a sickening reality that is locked away in a haunted mind?


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