A Gypys’s Christmas Kiss

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Lulia Vasile is a gypsy and proud of it. She’s a master fencer and skilled at fortune-telling. She grew up playing roles in a traveling theater and performing at county fairs. Her life changed when she became friends with an earl’s daughter and became involved in an exclusive ladies-only gaming den. She’s successful but misses her family. She travels to their last known location to spend Christmastide with them. While there, she must decide what she wants for her future.

Finley Prescott, the duke of Clare, doesn’t leave his estate unless it’s necessary. His injuries at Waterloo have left him bitter, and he never expected to inherit the dukedom. That was supposed to be his brother’s duty. Now, he has responsibilities and people who depend on him when all he wants is to disappear from the world. For him, all hope is gone, and he’s not the hero England believes him to be.

After a chance meeting and a magical kiss, Lulia and Finley discover that sometimes, the one thing a person needs is the last thing they expect.

1 review for A Gypys’s Christmas Kiss

  1. MaryLou Hoffman

    A GYPSY’S CHRISTMAS KISS is the sixth book in the Connected by a Kiss series and the sixth book in the Scandal Meets Love series. IMHO this should have been book 3.5, since their relationship is mentioned in book four. If you haven’t started the series or haven’t yet read that far into the series, I would suggest reading this one before book four.

    That said, I adored Lulia’s and Fin’s story. This is a second-chance romance with an interesting twist, starting with their meet-cute in her father’s store when she was about 16 years old and he was a new duke of 20 years old. They didn’t see each other again for 12 years, but each recognized the other, had never forgotten the other, were drawn to, infatuated with, and curious about each other.

    I liked that Lulia was proud of heritage during a time when being Romani was looked down upon. Even more so, I liked that Fin didn’t care a fig about her Romani roots. He loved the woman, not her family tree.

    Christmas is a hard time for Fin. He assumed his title during the Christmastide when his father broke his neck on a horse that Fin gave him as a Christmas gift. Losing a parent a Christmas is hard enough, but he is dealing with guilt as well. Isn’t it wonderful when the right woman can come along to help a man to heal? I was rooting for them both from word one.

    This is the kind of story that never makes me sad, but adds to my happiness by the end. Right now (during this unprecedentedly depressing time in history), contentment is an especially desirable commodity.

    Since this book is a cross-over between two series, I will be looking for more in each of the series.

    Narration: Megan Green has a beautiful British-accented voice that is the perfect sound for this Regency romance. She did a wonderful job of differentiating between the different characters and it was a joy to listen to her.

    Note: While I received this book as a gifted audiobook copy via Audiobooks Unleashed, my opinions are my own and are given freely.

    Series: Scandal Meets Love #7; Connected by a Kiss #6
    Category /Genre: Regency Historical Romance
    Recommended for: 18+ due to sexual content
    Listenability: NSFW
    Received from: Dawn Brower (as an Audible gifted copy)

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