A Demon in My Bed


A missing brother, mercenary demigoddesses, and an unknown force pulling fate’s strings are just a few of the hurdles facing Verrin when he wakes up in a dungeon one morning. As the son of a renegade Angelic Watcher, he was born ill-fated. Being summoned by a plump little sex kitten who was everything he liked in a woman should have been a stroke of luck. 

As a librarian, the most exciting choice Cassidy O’Neill usually has to make is what book to read next. She never expected an antique book to drop a dirty-minded sex demon into her bed. Bound to his side until the summoning is fulfilled, Cass is determined not to lose her heart to Verrin – even if he is the sexiest man she’s ever met. 

In a world where myths are reality, falling in love is a gamble even immortals hesitate to take.


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