A Bride for Travis

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Lydia Hathaway’s greatest wish is to become a mother, but not necessarily a wife. Molly, a little orphan, tugs at her heart, and Lydia knows this is the child she wants to adopt. Lydia is broken-hearted when the orphanage mandates that all prospective parents be married.

Travis Bentley had been conned by two mail-order brides, so he decides to stay single and concentrate on his ranch, so when his sister asks him to marry a woman in Denver by proxy so she can adopt a child, he readily agrees. What does he have to lose? He doesn’t even have to meet the woman. 

Things go well until he decides to marry Myra, and he travels to Denver to get Lydia to sign annulment papers. That’s when his life becomes a convoluted mess!

4 reviews for A Bride for Travis

  1. Cindy Nipper

    Filled with the wisdom of God, this book tells the tale of an orphaned woman who adopts an orphaned girl but has to marry to fulfill her requirements to adopt! Eloquently written! The best of Barbara’s yet!!!

  2. Patricia Reichardt

    There is something about the way Barbara Goss writes that soothes my soul. I know when I pick up one of her books, I will find a calm, loving story and it will leave me with a warm feeling and good message. Lydia is a Bible School teacher wanting to adopt a child, but is unable to because she is not married. Travis is a man who has been scorned twice by mail order brides. By proxy, these two marry, and Lydia is able to adopt Molly. With no intention of every meeting, life goes on as normal. But when Travis now comes to town, everything is about to change! Will these two hit it off or dislike each other? These two are meant to be together, and I love the plot that surrounds their story. But, I do believe the standout character is Molly! She is adorable, playing with the kittens, settling down with Momma and Poppa and playing with her dolls. With Lili Dubuque’s warm voice, she gives the story the elements of the times and wonderful voices for all the characters. Their story left me feeling happy and the cover is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Misty

    I really loved this story line. It was unpredictable and entertaining. The characters were great and relatable. This was a great addition to the Proxy Bride series.

  4. Lori Dykes

    Simply wonderful. Lydia is an orphan and wants to adopt a small little girl from the orphanage she teaches at. But they are requiring she be married. By chance she is able to marry a man by proxy, as he just wants to help her but never intends to make the marriage real. But God steps in and makes these too come together who need each other.. Barbara Gross wins my heart again.

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