A Branch Too Far

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  1. Julie Howard

    I really enjoyed this book and think the whole series is great fun and a must listen. On the whole it is a stand alone book apart from the situation of the missing aunty which brought Verity to Leafy Hollow in the first place but if you like a fun cozy mystery then why not listen to them all. I really like the characters and the hilarious mishaps they find themselves in. The mystery was good with plenty of suspects and twists to keep you listening until the end. Just a fun mystery with a budding romance, secret spy stuff, a best friend that can cook and plays sidekick on the adventures, hunky firemen, an over protective cop, oh and pets. This book has it all and is sure not to disappoint.
    Leafy Hollow isn’t so sleepy, when a black widow is released from jail and moves back to her home town. Protesters soon start causing problems in the high street but it is when the body of one of the residents is found at the bottom of the cliff that the problems really start. Was her fall an accident? Suicide? Or was she pushed? Only husbands should fear the black widow, right? These are all questions Verity and the whole town is asking themselves. It soon becomes apparent that no one knows the dead lady as well as they thought and when the books don’t add up suspicions turn to the mother of Verity’s best friend. Fearing the police are about to make a big mistake Verity and her friends start to investigate. Then another body is found and things really heat up. Can Verity and her friends find a connection between the two deaths and find out who the really killer is or will this investigation end in a bang. I really like the narrator and think she does a really good job giving each character there own voice, which brings the story to life.

  2. Tom Casey

    Once again a really enjoyable story, I love the characters and also the fun way the book is written. It’s one of those stories where you think you know who the killer is and then it all takes another turn.
    The Leafy Hollow Mysteries should definitely be on your “To Read” list.
    This review is based on an audio book I received for free from Audiobooks Unleashed and I wanted to give an honest review.
    I also really like the narrator, she does a wonderful job, lovely clear voice and helps to bring this story to life.

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